slowdown slow‧down [ˈsləʊdaʊn ǁ ˈsloʊ-] noun
1. [countable usually singular] when something gets slower:
slowdown in

• There's been a slowdown in domestic demand for automobiles.

• A spokesman blamed heavy competition and the internationaleconomic slowdown for the job losses.

2. [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES a period of time when people deliberately work slowly in order to protest about something; = go-slow Bre:

• The unions already have a work slowdown under way.

* * *

slowdown UK US /ˈsləʊdaʊn/ noun [C] ECONOMICS, COMMERCE
a period when there is less business activity than usual in a company, the economy, etc.: slowdown in sth »

Labor Department statistics released last Friday showed an unexpected slowdown in hiring.


The economic slowdown has affected both public and privates sectors.


dramatic/marked/sharp slowdown

See Note RECESSION(Cf. ↑recession)
US (UK go-slow) HR, WORKPLACE a period when an organization’s employees work more slowly and less effectively to show they are not satisfied with their pay, conditions, etc.: »

The management refused to respond to threats of a slowdown.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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